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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are You Part of This? If So, Help!

"Sometimes you have to preach to the choir in order to keep them singing"

Please see this article through to the "Call of Action"
We need to unite!!!

Education has not changed for over 100 years, but I believe we are in the midst of an EDUCATION REVOLUTION.  Joining Twitter, Google +, and other social media websites has been such a great experience for me over the past year.  I have become part of a LARGE and PASSIONATE PLN that seems dedicated to help make education:
  • More relevant
  • More 21st Century
  • More engaging
  • More about building integrity, character, and people instead of just "college & career ready" robots
  • More about learning, then points earning
  • More about the process than the end result
  • More about innovation and creativity
  • More about technology 
  • More about learning how to learn
  • Etc............

Sometimes I get so caught up in reading material from my PLN and sharing ideas with members of my PLN, that I forget that MAJOR change has not really happened yet!  This scares me because although education has "almost changed" many times, it has remained the same for way too long.  We need education reform!  All the pieces of the puzzle seem to be there.  The concepts are completely logical, but there is still resistance.  I am constantly trying to determine why there is resistance to change.  Is it because of laziness, fear of change, politics, too many uninformed educators, or simply a large number of people that disagree that this transformation is necessary.  

No matter what the reason is, we need to work together as a PLN.  Is it worth preaching to the choir about these issues?  Absolutely!  Sometimes, as the quote above states, you need to preach to the choir to keep them singing.  More importantly, though, we need to share our stories, perspectives, and logical wording in order to be better equipped to have these difficult discussions with other teachers, administrators, parents, community members, etc...

ALSO, I really think that we need to unite and build a stronger case.  I am serious.  We are creating some wonderful momentum on social media, but we need this to enter the mainstream more.

I am a passionate lifelong learner and lately I have been studying SEO, or search engine optimization.  I am fascinated with all things technology and I am obsessed with trying to figure out more and more about Google.  A couple of the most important concepts in technology and business today are:

  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  2. Keywords

To make a very long story short, Google (Yahoo, Bing, etc...) have web crawler programs that search the complete internet and try to create a list of the best possible resources that they can for whatever people might type into a search engine.  They want to ensure that when you type something such as "education reform" into a search engine, that you get high quality results.  Having your website, your ideas, your page come up on the first page of searches is CRITICAL!  If it isn't on the first page, it most likely will not be seen.  This is where KEYWORDS come into play.  Are you using the proper keywords?  Are you including the correct words in your articles, article titles, and in your tags?  This all leads to Search Engine Optimization which takes all of this one step further.  In SEO, there are a couple things that the search engines are really looking for:

1.  Do you write consistent high quality content
2.  Do you use proper keywords that will help you be found 
3.  How credible and connected are you?  (more on this in the CALL TO ACTION)


I really believe that we need to start helping one another more.  Besides having more conversations with other educators, parents, community members, and administrators as well as transforming our own classrooms, we need to start promoting one another.  We are not competing against each other, in fact we are on the same team.  We need to find a way to have our articles about logical school improvement, reform, and change come up when anyone does Google searches for words such as:

1.  Education
2.  Education Reform
3.  School
4.  Learning
5.  21st Century Skills

How can you do this?  One of the most important factors in helping your SEO is by having people link your material to their websites.  The more links that you have pointing to your website, the more credible it is.  When we write posts, send tweets, create websites, etc... we should work together to share the plethora of goodness that our PLN contributes.  The result will be an increased SEO plan for our entire PLN, which will mean more exposure and visibility to more people. 

We have the momentum rolling within the social media forums, but it is time to branch out and gain more momentum so that we can push for change.  Students deserve it.

One thing you cannot do is "scam" the search engines.  They are way too brilliant for this.  If you accept an offer to pay someone to post your link on the "100 websites" they own, you will eventually be caught and punished by having your page rankings and visibility disappear.  I am not talking about any scamming.  I am talking about good old fashioned "spreading the love".  I think this will have two big advantages:

1.  We will increase our entire PLN's SEO and visibility on the internet.
2.  We will introduce people to wonderful resources they did not know existed.

I am going to conclude by leading by example.  I am 100% serious when I say the following statements, so I do not know why I do not say things like this more.  It feels good, and helps the cause.  Here I go:

***  If you do not already read everything that Jon Harper writes (vice-principal from Maryland), I highly suggest that you do.  He is a magnificent writer, with passionate and inspiring stories that make it obvious he cares more about kids than he does about test scores.  His blog is located at:  Do yourself a favor and follow him.

***  Do you follow Starr Sackstein?  If you want knowledge, work ethic, and inspiration.  Check out here blog.  I have learned more from her than I did from earning my Masters' Degree.

***  I am assuming you know about Jerry Blumengarten's (cybraryman) plethora of goodness located at:  This is his list of educational resources and websites.  It is perhaps the most valuable site on the internet for educators.  If you do not visit it frequently, begin doing so!

***  Do you follow@casas_jimmy ( on Twitter, who is +Jimmy Casas  on Google+ +Jimmy Casas on Google +?  If not, you should.  He is a phenomenal principal and a MAJOR source of inspiration and motivation.  I promise that if you follow Jimmy, you will be become a better person.  Also, check out his blog at:

*** Do you watch the Bedley Brothers education podcast?  You should.  They are two of the nicest people I have met and have a terrific, thought-provoking education video podcast with great guests.  A link to their past podcasts are is  Otherwise, follow them on Twitter @BedleyBros ( to find out about upcoming shows.

***  Have you read "Teach Like A Pirate" by Dave Burgess (@burgess_dave)?  I am assuming that everyone has, but if by chance you are one of the last 100 educators to read it, check him out on  Sometimes he dresses strangely, but he is an awesome source of passion, creativity, and rapport-building.

Order this book now if you have not already:

Do you know about stars like:
Joy Kirr:
Crystal Labbe: Miss Humblebee Academy -
Walter Duncan: or

I could literally include over 100 more sensational people in my PLN that have influence me and made me a better educator and a better person.  I will include more throughout my posts, tweets, etc...  It only helps our message grow, which leads to change, which leads to better education.

I WANT TO HELP!  Please let me know when you have great material I can help promote.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do.  It has become a moral imperative for me to help assist change in education!

Oliver Schinkten


  1. You make some great points Oliver! I will try to take you up on your Call to Action! Thanks so much for including me above!

    1. Thank you, Paul! Keep doing what you are doing. We need education to follow your lead.

  2. Quite true - in many places classrooms look and feel very similar to those of 50+ years ago. Your list has some wonderful, skilled and compassionate leaders on it. I'm excited to find a couple of new educators to add to my PLN.

    I'd also recommend Pernille Ripp's book Passionate Learners in addition to Dave Burgess' Teach Like a Pirate for any teacher!

    As for a call to action, for a few months now I have wanted to have a link on my small monthly blog to those in my PLN who offer great insight, and your post is just the nudging I need!

    Thank you, Oliver!

    1. Thank you, Lisa!

      Also, thank you for the book recommendations. I have read Teach Like a Pirate. That is one of my all-time favorite books. I need to read Pernille Ripp's book asap!

      I think that the spreading the word of your PLN on your blog is a wonderful idea. It is a great thing for education on so may levels!

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