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Monday, January 6, 2014

Most Underrated TED TALK that will Impact Education Reform

Pepsi cola & spaghetti sauce are very similar to education?

"I believe that this the most underrated video with regards to education reform and transforming education.  It is not directed towards education, but the concept behind this is so extremely important towards the movement which is much needed."

I have watched this video about 5-10 times over the past few years and I cannot stop thinking about the implications that it has towards education.  I normally do not "ASK" anyone to watch a video, but in this case I am.  Please find 20 minutes to watch this video.  When you are done, let it simmer in your brain and think about how these concepts relate to education and the students that sit in the classrooms.  I think it will open the minds of many people.  I also think that it will provide an excellent way to phrase what many people are already thinking.  I strongly believe this video will benefit everyone's thinking.

We are so concerned about standardizing learning experiences and assessments that we constantly try to create cookie-cutter standards or practices that are expected to be implemented to all.  I do not think that education has done a good enough job addressing individual motivation levels, ability levels, passions, experiences, family support, or maturity. We cannot create the 'perfect way to teach' to all students.  They are all individuals with much different personalities, abilities, and experiences.  

          Malcolm Gladwell:  Choice, Happiness, & Spaghetti Sauce.  TED TALK

Comments, reflections, feedback are greatly appreciated!

Oliver Schinkten
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